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Job-shop cutting

We produce high-quality metal rings to order

Our services address the needs of users in mechanical engineering, aerospace technology, wind turbine manufacturers, chemical and plant engineering, offshore, vessel manufacturing, steelmill operations, utility vehicle manufacturers, shipyards, etc.

We can of course also accept orders from producers of metal rings, such as forging operations, casting operations, rolling mills, ring rolling mills, tube manufacturers, job-shop saw-cutters or metal and steel manufacturers.

Production examples

Using our innovative cutting process, we can manufacture rings in various sizes, diameters and wall thicknesses. Materials such as Dublex, titanium, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, copper can be accurately cut and machined to suit your needs with the PTZWEIDNER technology.

Order example: Separation of Hastelloy X rings

grade Hastelloy X
outside ring Ø 1183 mm
inside ring Ø 1105 mm

  • Low surface temperature on the cut surface
  • High surface quality
  • Short and dry chips


Order example: Separation of bronze rings

grade CuAl8Mn
outside ring Ø 873 mm
inside ring Ø 690 mm

  • Low surface temperature on the cut surface
  • High surface quality
  • Short chips


Order example: Manufacture 8 rings made from chrome-steel

grade 1.4006
outside ring Ø 1375 mm
inside ring Ø 1075 mm 

blank height needed for cutting:
280 mm - weight 1,313 kg
blank height needed for the PTZWEIDNER process:
205 mm - weight   928 kg

» Material savings due to the PTZWEIDNER process: 385 kg
This corresponds to approx. EUR 2,000.

PTZ Weidner - EdelstahlringOrder example: Nickel-based stainless steel 55 % Nickel

grade: Inconel 718 alloy: 2.4668
outside ring Ø 712 mmm
inside ring Ø 608 mm
3.0 mm kerf loss

TitanringOrder example: Highly tempered titanium material

grade Ti6AL4V alloy: 3.7165
outside ring Ø 730 mm
inside ring Ø 615 mm
3.0 mm kerf loss

KupferringeOrder example: Copper

Copper material at 99.9 % purity
outside ring Ø  930 mm
inside ring Ø 720 mm
free-form forged
3.0 mm kerf loss


Processing SPECIFICATIONS for ring sizes

Ring dimensions:

Outside diameter up to 2300 mm 
Inside diameter from 330 mm 
Height max. 500 mm
Minimum individual ring height 3 mm
Parallelism 0,1 - 0,3 mm 
Flatness 0,1 - 0,3 mm 
Surface quality Feiner Ra 3,2 μm

» We will also meet your challenges!

Feel free to contact us. We would be delighted to provide you with a customized proposal.


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Cutting, milling, turning and drilling
of metal rings for use in flanges, bearings, steering and slewing rings in machinery, plants and large installations.


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