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The company

You can find the innovation center for leading edge cutting technology at PTZWEIDNER, located in the center of the Swabian Mountains. PTZWEIDNER is raising the bar with revolutionary technologies

  • for material handling,
  • cutting technology and
  • downstream machining of 
    forged and cast rings.

Having more than 20 years of experience with machining technology, PTZWEIDNER provides the entire spectrum of options to address your challenges in this field:

  • in-house job-shop cutting operation
  • development and design-engineering
  • in-house assembly, commissioning and maintenance
  • sales organization in all relevant markets


Development history

1999 - 2008: 

Development, fabrication and operation of a smaller version of today's prototype.

Built and optimized the prototype of the GIANT RING CUTTER (GRC) at the innovation center in Meßkirch; successful processing of several job-shop cutting orders

Publications about the "GIANT RING CUTTER" in industry media and presentations to industry insiders
Award of the German Material Efficiency Prize by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology (BMWi)
Awarded the 2nd Place of the Hightech Award Cyber One Prize by bwcon

The prototype of the GIANT RING CUTTER GRC 1500 CNC has been operating at full capacity since the beginning of 2011 in the Meßkirch factory.

Relocated to new facility in Sigmaringen. 
Certification in accordance with DIN ISO EN 9001:2008 is pending.

Relocated to new facility in Balingen.


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Primary activities

Cutting, milling, turning and drilling
of metal rings for use in flanges, bearings, steering and slewing rings in machinery, plants and large installations.


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