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Compelling technology

On behalf of the Government of the State of Baden-Württemberg, the Minister of Finance and Economics hereby confers to the company PTZWEIDNER the Innovation Award of the State of Baden-Württemberg 2015 
– Dr.-Rudolf-Eberle-Award – for exemplary achievement.

In 2010, PTZWEIDNER was awarded the German Material Efficiency Prize by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology (BMWi).

PTZWEIDNER also won the 2nd prize at the Hightec Award Cyber One. The award specifically honored the quantum leap in cutting technology, allowing the user to save enormous amounts of time, energy and material, while also increasing product quality.


PTZWEIDNER evelops, builds and sells an innovative CNC saw for cost-effective, fast and high-quality cutting of rings, tubes and shafts based on the patented PTZWEIDNER process.
PTZ cutting technology guarantees highest material yields, lowest energy consumption and a particular focus on environmental compatibility.

Job-shop cutting

We use our GIANT RING CUTTER on a contract basis to cut rings for forging operations, casting operations, rolling mills, ring rolling operations, tube manufacturers, job-shop saw cutting operations, metal and steel dealers.
The enormous savings potential achieved by PTZ cutting technology allows us to cut at unbeatable prices.

Final machining

In addition to job-shop cutting, we will also provide the entire production process for metal rings when needed – ranging from the procurement of the raw material, and including efficient cutting and final machining by turning, milling, drilling and surface treatment.
Take advantage of our significant price advantages and the resulting time savings.

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Cutting, milling, turning and drilling
of metal rings for use in flanges, bearings, steering and slewing rings in machinery, plants and large installations.


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